Sunday, May 6, 2007

Lino Cutting - Carving the Second Print (Part 1)

I carved the lino block for the second print a couple of days ago but I did not have time to update until now. As noted in one of my earlier posts it would be better to draw the full design in permanent marker at the beginning. However this is not the approach that I took.

To begin I had to lino up my sketch on top of the lino block so I could draw the remaining parts of the design. It took me a while to get this matched up correctly but in the end it was almost right. Once I had the tracing paper with my sketch lined up I taped it securely to the lino block. This can been seen in the image below:

With the sketch securely in place the next step was to draw over the outline of the image. When this was completed I removed the tracing paper and I could see the image outline on the lino block. Next I went over the image outline with a permanent marker. You have to be careful doing this as you could quite easily disturb the outline of the image. In the image below you can see the outline of the image on the lino block and also the areas that I have completed with the permanent marker.

Going over the outline in permanent maker was a slow enough process. When I got as far as the footballs on either side of the crest I decided to make a small change to my design. The design was too small and intricate. It was going to be impossible to carve the lino block with that design. I removed one of the outer rings which allowed me to make the football design slightly larger. The image below shows the completed permanent marker sketch on the lino block. If you look at the footballs on either side you will notice that one of the outer rings from the initial design is missing.

I continued carving the lino block but did not complete it on this sitting. As the lettering and the design is quite intricate I was very slow carving it. Here is what I've done so far:

Thats all for now I'll update again once I get finishing cutting the lino block. I forgot to mention that this print will be in red so the areas that I am carving will be in yellow.

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