Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Lino Printing - The Second Lino Print

I've just completed the second print using red paint. I realise now that I should have done some prints in different colours to experiment a little bit but I've decided to continue as planned with my 3 colour print - yellow, red and black.

As you can see from the two pictures below I put some paint down on the plastic sheet and then rolled it out until it was evenly spread.

Some people spread the paint out with a palette knife, but I find my approach works out OK. Although it takes a bit of rolling to get a nice even spread. The following picture shows my lino block after I have rolled it with paint. There are a couple of areas around the outside of the crest that picked up some paint. This is partly due to my efforts rolling but also these areas were not carved as deep as some of the others.

Once again I used a rolling pin to apply pressure to the page after I had placed it on the lino block. The following few pictures show the print as it was peeled away from the lino block.

I continued with the above process using all of the prints that I had created with the first lino cut. As I explained earlier I didn't experiment with different colours but I did experiment with different amounts of paint on the lino block. Producing prints with faint colours and producing prints with strong colours. Here is a pictures of the completed prints.

So one print left to do, that will be a black print. Basically giving an outline to the crest.

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