Sunday, April 29, 2007

Lino Printing - The First Lino Print

I've already spotted some mistakes that I've made or maybe not mistakes but at least things that I would do differently next time. I think I should have done some sort of design for the background instead of leaving it blank.
The first print will be in yellow. I got a sheet of glass to roll the paint on. Basically I put a bit of paint on the sheet of glass and rolled it until it was spread evenly on the glass and roller.

Once I had an even spread of paint on the roller I rolled it onto the lino block. I placed the block on some old newspaper as I figured things could get a bit messy. I rolled the paint onto the block and covered it evenly. In this picture you can see what the block looked like once it had been rolled.

A this point I gently placed a large sheet of white paper over the lino block. The first time I did this I didn't like up the edges of the paper with the edges of the lino block, this meant I wouldn't be able to do a second print on top of it as I'd have no way of knowing where to place the paper. I didn't have a baren (the tool used to press the paper) so I had to improvise. I decided to use a rolling pin. The following picture isn't very descriptive but you get the general idea. I rolled over the paper with the rolling pin. The rolling pin is quite large so it gave an even spread and covered all of the lino block.

I rolled over it a few times putting some weight on the roller. At this point I was ready to remove the paper from the lino block. I took a sequence of pictures as I peeled the paper back from the lino block.

Almost there...

Here's the print -

So I continued this process doing lots of prints. I think I finished up with about 12 prints.

I do not think the prints look very well on the white paper, maybe this is because of all the white space that I left. I'm considering printing the lino block again on some different colour paper. That's all for now!


Timmy said...

Where do you get the tools to do the lino printing?

DaveDave said...

Hi Tim,
I got the lino cutting tools and the lino block in my local arts and crafts shop. They don't sell online but they have a website -
I've searched the site but it appears they do not list their lino printing products. The lino cutting tool was 5 euro, it came with 5 blades.
If you are not based in Ireland a search on google will find you lots of shops that sell them online.

Thanks for reading my blog,